Volunteers - Kimberley Kirkham and Sophie Lay

Name: Sophie Lay
Age: 28
Family Status: Living with Partner
GE Business: GE Aviation
Work Location: Cheltenham

About your job
I am a Lead Systems Engineer working on Controllers and Interface Products. It is my responsibility to know what the customer requires our product to do and then design and test the product to ensure that it meets their requirements.

Name: Kimberley Kirkham
Age: 27
Family Status: Living with Partner
GE Business: GE Oil and Gas
Work Location: Aberdeen

About your job
I am the Global NPT Leader for the Subsea Systems Services business. Non-productive time (NPT) is the time incurred as a result of an unplanned event which has a negative impact on the schedule of offshore rig operations and is a key performance indicator for the business. I am in a Continuous Improvement role ensuring that all NPT incidents are reported, investigated to identify the cause and effective improvements are made to eliminate risk of reoccurrence. Another part of my role is to analyse data to drive global improvements to prevent NPT occurring.

GE Volunteer activities
We are the founders of GirlsGetSET, a unique scheme set up to challenge the diversity issue within SET careers. Having taken part in many GE volunteering initiatives run at GE Aviation Cheltenham, we decided to create GirlsGetSET. The scheme aims to encourage more female students to consider a career within a SET (science, engineering and technology) profession. This is achieved by providing female secondary school students with an insight into the opportunities that a SET career can offer through a series of engineering challenges and events.

Why you volunteer
We were both encouraged to consider a career in engineering by engineers when we were at secondary school and so understand the positive impact that educational volunteering can have. As engineers, we are also enthusiastic about the opportunities and challenges that a career in engineering can offer and volunteering provides a great opportunity for us to encourage students to consider engineering as a career option. It is also great fun!

Favourite volunteer project
GirlsGetSET of course! GirlsGetSET provides constant contact with real life engineers and an insight into what engineers do day to day. We are very proud of the experience that the GirlsGetSET scheme provides for female students and it is rewarding to see so many GE sites starting to run GirlsGetSET within their local communities. Having GirlsGetSET as a flagship programme for GE UK makes us feel the hard work gone into developing the scheme was worthwhile and means that more girls all around the UK are going to learn about a variety of GE businesses and different aspects of SET.

Fun fact:
Since its creation GirlsGetSET had held more than 50 events for over 1500 female students and provided hundreds of development opportunities for GE employees.

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GirlsGetSET has impacted 1,500 girls since 2010

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