Volunteer - Rhea Smith

Name: Rhea Smith
Age: 20
Family Status: Single
GE Business: GE Aviation
Work Location: CRW - Component Repair Wales

About your job
I am in the final year of my business administration apprenticeship and have completed two rotations in different parts of the business. In my current role I am the third party vendor manager for the site.

GE Volunteer activities
I support the Caerphilly Miners Project, a local volunteering project which aims to refurbish and restore a derelict hospital into a centre for the community. As a site we organise the Caerphilly 3 Peaks Challenge, cake sales, alongside 'clean up' days in the local community. I also coordinate the Maths Mentoring programme here at Wales, alongside another colleague. Over 25 mentors visit local schools to support foundation students with their mathematic skills and knowledge. A significant percentage of students who are predicted a GCSE grade D or below, achieve a C or above due to the support of the mentors.

Why you volunteer
I volunteer because I like to help and improve the local community. I really enjoy seeing smiling faces as a result of the time, hard work and commitment I have put into each project. I feel a great sense of achievement when starting a project, seeing it progress and making positive steps to supporting the community.

Favourite volunteer project
My favourite project has got to be the Caerphilly Miners Project. Since becoming project leader, I have volunteered for bag packs, sporting events and local fairs, as well as cake sales and the Caerphilly 3 Peaks Challenge in order to raise as much money as possible to restore the hospital into a local community centre.

Fun fact:
I love to travel! Seeing different parts of the world is one of the things I love to do!

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 80 or 20.  Anyone who keeps learning stays young

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