Volunteer - Stephen Truelove

Name: Stephen Truelove
Age: 52
Family Status: Married
GE Business: GE Aviation
Work Location: Nantgarw, South Wales

About your job
I am an aircraft engineer, specialising in overhauling aircraft engines for airlines across the globe.

GE Volunteer activities
I was project lead for the Waun Wen Community project in 2013. I am now supporting a new project, working with Business in the Community as part of their Give and Gain Day to re-generate the high street in Penygraig, South Wales.

Why you volunteer
Working in partnership with the GE Volunteers Foundation, we have the ability to have a huge positive impact on so many lives.

Favourite volunteer project
Waun Wen – we created an outdoor seating and play area at the Trebanog community centre. The new facilities benefit a number of groups who use the centre including the elderly and toddler play group. The area provides a place where people can relax, socialise, read, and where residents can spend time with one another. The community centre was selected because I had been working with the local groups up there to provide people with emotional support. I am a qualified therapist and I saw that the community centre was a place of hope and something that people relied on. I realised the community centre had potential to grow and with a little care and attention could offer so much more to the community. It is a place for young people to go instead of hanging around the streets - a focal point in the local community and a place which families rely on to get the support and facilities they need to enrich their families’ lives. Our efforts now give this diverse population more freedom and use of the open areas surrounding this centre.

Fun fact:
21 football pitches can fit inside the GE Aviation Wales facility.

We make a living by what we get but we make a life but what we give.

Winston Churchill

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