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As part of GE's Olympic legacy and commitment to improve the physical and emotional health of young people we have paired up with the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust to provide a series of Aspiring Minds workshops for year groups of 14 year olds across the UK.

"The best part was seeing the positive changes in the young people at the end of each session" Volunteer

"It has helped me find skills that I didn't know I had until I tried" Young person



Employment figures to date show that there are over one million 16-24 year-olds who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) in the UK, equating to 14%of all young people.

An extended period of unemployment can affect future employment prospects and lead to disadvantages, such as ill-health and poverty. The cost to society of this both financially and socially, is huge. Research findings have shown that those 16 to 17 year old NEETs who claim benefits cost the exchequer an average of £3,559 each per year, and for those aged 18 to 24 that figure increases to £5,662.

The Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust works with young people who are vulnerable to becoming NEETS or who are already in this position.  Their programmes get young people motivated, energised and equipped to consider making positive steps that will keep them in education, or considering alternative routes into volunteering or employment.



Aspiring Minds is a support programme for young people focusing on the attitudes and skills required for personal success in the modern world.

Acting as role models, a trained group of world class ‘athletes’, in combination with a skilled team of trained communicators and GE volunteers deliver a programme of tried and tested interventions to help young people of all abilities raise their aspirations and motivations in life.

A one-day event for an entire year group of 14/15 year olds offers a broad menu of activities that has been selected and shaped by young people around the following components:

·         Attitudes for success

·         Teamwork and communication

·         Target setting and goals

·         Problem solving

·         Risk taking, and learning from mistakes

·         Creative thinking

Since 2012, GE Volunteers from 27 sites across the UK have been involved with the programme, impacting more than 4000 young people in the 12-14 age group - with more to come in the next school year.

Dame Kelly Holmes says "I am thrilled that GE is supporting my charity's Aspiring Minds programme which helps young people develop the 'can do' attitude, motivation and personal skills they will need to succeed in the modern world. This project gives young people the chance to learn from winners in sport, helping them to become winners in life."

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Liam sometimes struggles to work with the other students. Aspiring Minds really helped him communicate better and have more positive interactions with his class.


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Since 2012, 3,934 young people have participated in Aspiring Minds

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