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Here are some ideas for running activities with school children. Most are STEM-related projects aimed at exciting girls and boys about science, technology and engineering. GE employees used their ingenuity to create them and would like to share them with you. Thanks to STEMNET for their input with the teaching notes.

Jet engines

This presenter led workshop looks at how a jet engine works, and how Newton Laws are applied. It gives 13-16 year olds the opportunity to handle real jet engine components.
Duration: 45-60 mins
Group size: 10

Download Jet Engine Overview

Download How a Jet Engine Works

Download Jet Engine Poster

Bridge Building

A team-based creative engineering task for 11-14 year olds to build the strongest, most functional bridge
Duration: 80 mins
Group size: 12-30

Download Building Bridges Overview

Download Building Bridges Instructions 

Science Experiments

A series of hands-on activities enabling 7-11 year olds to discover the science behind everyday things
Duration: 20-60 mins
Group size: 30

Download Science Experiments Overview

Download Science Experiments Instructions

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