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STEM Ambassadors is a volunteer programme, run by the charity STEM Learning, one of GE's key charity partners. By going into a school to talk about your job, teach a science or maths lesson or judge a project, you can open doors to the world of opportunities that come from studying STEM subjects. The time commitment is variable from a couple of times a year to more regularly. STEM Ambassadors also support teachers by explaining the current applications of STEM in industry or research.

STEM Ambassadors are needed from all sectors and job types from mathematicians to engineers and from chemists to energy analysts.

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There are many reasons why people become STEM Ambassadors:

  • Engage and enthuse young people about STEM
  • Give teachers a unique perspective on how the STEM curriculum can be demonstrated in the world of work
  • Encourage young people to consider STEM careers and qualifications
  • Contribute to improved academic achievement in STEM subjects
  • Develop other employability skills in young people, including confidence, team-work, presentation and creativity

The most important qualities in STEM Ambassadors are that they are enthusiastic and positive role models for STEM subjects and associated careers.

Many STEM Ambassadors report

  • Enjoying a sense of achievement
  • Facing a different challenge from everyday work
  • Challenging stereotypes which young people have about STEM subjects and related careers
  • Gaining a fresh perspective on day-to-day work when seen through the eyes of students
  • Helping to make a difference in the local community
  • Developing new skills and confidence

STEM Ambassadors get involved in a huge range of activities, which can all have an impact on young people’s learning and enjoyment of STEM, including:

  • giving careers talks or helping at careers fairs
  • providing technical advice or practical support to STEM projects in the classroom
  • supporting projects in after-school STEM Clubs
  • judging school STEM competitions
  • speed networking with pupils, parents and teachers
  • devising or delivering practical STEM experiments or demonstrations
  • helping students with mock job interviews

STEM Learning’s regional and local network keeps STEM Ambassadors up to date with the wide range of opportunities and requests that we receive from teachers and schools. You can choose to volunteer for any of the activities in the regular emails and updates, or you can come up with your own ideas.

We only ask that you commit to a minimum one activity per year. Many volunteers are able to do a lot more and often get involved in a number of STEM events and initiatives. We appreciate and value every contribution that is made.

Some GE sites run co-ordinated STEM Ambassador activities in schools, responding to requests from teachers or running repeat activities year-on-year. 

To help get you started, visit Schools Activities section to see material that other GE STEM Ambassadors have created.

GE Employees - You can either sign up to be a STEM Ambassador online here or contact your local GE Volunteer leader to see if your site has an induction session planned

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GE has 500 STEM Ambassadors active in schools around the UK

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