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Every clever idea starts with a flicker of inspiration #GEinspirers

STEM Activities for Primary School

Try these fun STEM activities at home!
Parental supervsion required.

Let's Go
For Years 7-13

Weekly STEM competitions, Mars shuttle and medical delivery system reports, online tutorials and more

Let's Go

#GEinspirers invite you to be the thinkers, leaders and inventors that collaborate, innovate and inspire

Ever been confused about what to be when you grow up? GE innovators began as apprentices right out of secondary school, interns during or after uni or through leadership programs as graduates.

Real stories,
from #GEproud innovators

"I want to be the person changing other lives for the better. STEM can make almost anything possible. STEM can open us up to a universe of possibilities." #GEinspirers
Innovating together, growing together

The true power of innovation is in being bold enough to tinker with ideas, make mistakes and develop them by collaborating with others. Ideas we share are the ones that change the world.