Career Conversations

GE employs over 2,000 engineers in the UK and as a leading technology company we are well placed to demystify pathways into STEM for young people and their adult influencers.

We have set ourselves the challenge to deliver 40,000 STEM-inspired career conversations in 2021.

This might include: sharing your career journey with young people, delivering CV and interview workshops; explaining the impact GE makes in the UK, and discussing pathways into STEM careers. Conversations like these can be as short as 15 minutes but can inspire people’s thinking around their future and perhaps ultimately encourage them to consider and pursue STEM careers.  Conversations are likely to be mostly virtual this year, which we are now well practiced in delivering.

If you’d like GE to deliver conversations to your students, get in touch.

If you’re a GE volunteer who’s had a conversation (or many), record them here so they could toward the 40,000!

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Did you know?

GE delivered 44,380 STEM-inspired career conversations in 2020.

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