GirlsGetSET is an exciting scheme aimed at showing girls aged 11-18 what Science, Engineering and Technology (or SET for short) are all about. We want to show girls the massive opportunities open to them if they consider a future career in SET; this could be anything from designing the fastest rollercoaster to finding an alternative energy source.



Have you ever been in an aeroplane? Or do you have a mobile phone? Well without SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) these things would not exist! People with SET skills invent, develop and produces the things we use to make our lives easier, simplify tasks and provide us with entertainment! There is not a day that goes by where you will not touch something that involves SET, especially in today's society where there is new technology emerging around the globe all the time.

And yet, in Britain today 39% of businesses are struggling to recruit workers with advanced SET skills. To help address this issue, companies like GE need to attract a more diverse group of young people, particularly girls, through their doors. One way to do this is to excite young people about what it is really like to work in high-tech industries such as aviation, health or energy.

Female engineers from GE Aviation in Cheltenham introduced GirlsGetSET in 2010 to try to redress the balance and specifically to help improve the following statistics:

  • 11.5% of STEM managers are female
  • 17.5% of IT workforce are female
  • 5.8% of engineering apprentices are female
  • 8.2% of all professional engineers are female

The GirlsGetSET scheme is aimed at girls aged 11 to 18 and consists of multiple SET-related activities run over an academic year.  Our aim is to educate and demonstrate to students that careers within SET subjects are exciting and challenging, and enable them to be creative and to use their imagination.

GE volunteers (of both sexes) lead a multi-year programme, delivering a combination of projects, events and workshops.  We focus not only on developing technical skills but also share GE learning materials on softer skills such as negotiating with and influencing others.

GirlsGetSET currently runs in schools local to GE sites in Aberdeen, Amersham, Cheltenham, Cramlington, Gloucester, Hamble, Montrose, Nailsea and Rugby.

To learn more about GirlsGetSET, please contact Bridie Evans

Only 20% of those taking A-level physics are girls

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4,500 girls have taken part in GirlsGetSET to date

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