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With over 2,000 people working as engineers, GE is a company that values and relies on people with advanced STEM skills. It is therefore vital for GE's and Britain's future prosperity that the next generation get excited about these fields and discover the huge opportunities a STEM career can offer.

Currently the UK has an annual shortfall of 59,000 engineers (EngineeringUK, 2018). GE believes we can help move the needle on this, by focusing on four priorities:

  • Broaden the talent pool, including reaching underrepresented groups such as schools that don’t yet have employer interactions and running girls-only activities such as GirlsGetSET
  • Centre outreach on careers advice and hands on STEM activity.  
  • Influence the influencers as well as young people.
  • Humanising the STEM Inspiration story by showcasing GE people and their passion for their work.

An inspiring message for young people is how engineering provides the intellectual and practical tools to change the world for the better.

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GE worked with 643 schools in 2020

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