Help For Heroes

Since 2015, GE is proud to have supported Help for Heroes, its first UK fundraising partner.

Help for Heroes supports men and women who have suffered a life-changing injury or illness while serving their country.

They continue to fight a personal battle and will need expert psychological, physical and practical support for the rest of their lives. GE employees have now raised over £350,000 towards the GE Wellbeing Suite at the Help for Heroes Recovery Centre at Catterick in North Yorkshire. Around 350 beneficiaries a month are using this facility for adaptive yoga classes, meditation and mindfulness activities, which are proving crucial in their ongoing recovery and ability to deal with their changed circumstances.

We will continue to fundraise and partner with Help for Heroes, with additional funds raised going towards the delivery of wellbeing services.


Experience tells Help for Heroes that to be most receptive to recovery, an individual needs to be in the ‘now’ and open to the opportunities that might be offered in support. This is why one of their key strategic focuses is psychological wellbeing, specifically mindfulness.

Mindfulness was initially developed by Jon Kabat Zinn to help people suffering from a wide range of medical problems, from chronic pain to cancer. Studies have shown that practising mindfulness, even for just a few weeks, can improve quality of life.

Alongside increased positive emotion, reduced negative emotion and stress other benefits of mindfulness include:

  • Increased density of grey matter in brain regions linked to learning, memory, emotion regulation, and empathy
  • Improved attention skills and greater ability to tune out distractions
  • Improved relationships, with the individual feeling more optimistic and therefore more accepting of and closer to their friends and family

GE employees support the partnership in a variety of ways from taking part in sporting challenges such as Hero Ride and Tough Mudder to holding BBQs, cake bakes and quizzes.

A very simple way to fundraise and support Help for Heroes work is to become a FRIEND by making a monthly donation. Remember, an annual donation of £15 or more can be matched by GE if you are an employee!

Meanwhile there are numerous volunteering opportunities to consider such as a team building day at one of the Help for Heroes Recovery Centres or even becoming a mentor on a Pathfinder programme.

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Help for Heroes has four UK recovery centres

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