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For more than a century, volunteering has been a vibrant part of GE's culture, as both an individual employee activity and an organisational effort. We coordinate our resources - including people, products and funds – to develop tailored responses to local community needs.

We believe that the ultimate measure of GE's business success is found in improvements to the lives and communities where GE employees live and work. GE volunteers carry out a wide range of projects in the areas of community building, education, the environment and health.

Every GE site across the UK is encouraged to build partnerships with its local schools and to develop strong relationships with their leadership teams.

We aim to be the first place that our partner schools call when they are looking for business intervention or curriculum support. Most of our sites regularly bring young people onto their premises to experience the World of Work.

GE leaders are often involved as project champions, sharing their best practices from GE's operations, financial rigor and people development processes with organisation and community leaders.

We are happy to share our business skills and initiatives with our school partners and in doing so learn much from them.

Find out more about our core volunteering activities in Programmes.

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

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