Volunteer - Chris Simpson

Name: Chris Simpson
Age: 22
Family Status: Engaged
GE Business: GE Oil & Gas
Work Location: Aberdeen

About your job
My role at GE involves a variety of engineering tasks and I'm continually learning and developing my knowledge of the business and engineering. Some of my day to day tasks include: working on releasing drawings and bills of materials, modelling, calculations, design reviews, supporting the workshop with any build issues they have and supporting the growth of apprentices

GE Volunteer activities
Girls Get Set - Myself and Ross Patterson run the S3 projects in a local school where we try to encourage young girls to get into STEM activities. We were given the basic outline to each project and we have adapted them to suit our expertise and to try and get the most out of the girls.

Why you volunteer
Volunteering for me started as I was asked to fill in for one of my colleagues who was unable to attend. I enjoyed it so much that I'm still part of the program nearly 2 years later and hopefully for a long time to come. Volunteering gives you a real sense of fulfilment, especially when you see the results of what you are doing and the new found enthusiasm the girls have for STEM by the end of the projects.

Favourite volunteer project
Girls Get Set.

Fun fact:
Originally I'm from Caithness which is the most northerly county in the UK and I have a big passion for Rugby, which I used to get my claim to fame of having Greg James from BBC Radio 1 stay at my flat for a radio feature he was having in Scotland in the lead up to T in the Park.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all

Helen Keller

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There are over 3,000 GE Volunteers in the UK

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