Volunteer - Dean Armstrong

Name: Dean Armstrong
Age: 45
Family Status: 3 Children & Partner with 2 more
GE Business: Power
Work Location: UK Stafford

About your job
I lead the High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) team in Stafford in the UK as part of the Grid Solutions Business. We help connect power grids together and enable bulk transfer of power across large distances very efficiently. Watch my video to learn more.

GE Volunteer activities
I'm pretty new to GE so just starting to help drive the team to engage with STEM activities. In previous companies I’ve been involved in loads of activities with the EDT to help 6th form students learn about engineering and solve real world engineering problems in teams.

Why you volunteer
Because I want to ensure we inspire the next generation to keep making the world better.

Favourite volunteer project
Bring your kids to work – great fun for the kids and a way to bring pride into the work place. These type of events never fail to make an impact on the visitors and the hosts.

Fun fact:
I love outdoor activities; running, walking, cycling and camping. When I’m at home my favourite pastime is BBQ’ing for the family, but only when the sun is shining!

Do or do not, there is no try!


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Did you know?

There is an annual shortage of 59,000 engineers in the UK.

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