STEM Inspirers Portal

Welcome to our STEM Inspirers Portal

This is a space for people passionate about science, technology, engineering and maths. We want our GE STEM Inspirers to reach as many young people, and their adult influencers, as possible through hands-on activity. For added competition and focus, GE employees have set the following annual challenge:

20,000 STEM Inspired career conversations delivered by GE

In this portal, you'll be able to add activities to our shared calendar and search upcoming events to join nearby. You'll have access to tried and tested STEM resources and an Inspirers' collaboration space.

Total STEM inspired career conversations delivered by GE in 2020: 
44,380 (222% of 20,000 goal)
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Dear students, teachers and parents

With the changes to how we work and learn during the coronavirus pandemic, we at GE UK have launched a new STEM Inspiration scheme that takes place purely online.

Take part in #STEMtogether Let's Go